Culinary skills on Stara planina

In order to preserve the tradition and local gastronomy of Stara Planina, we wanted to introduce you to the way of preparing food in this area.

The idea is to preserve traditions and customs, which are closely linked to the gastronomy of one area, from being forgotten. Local cuisine is the first step in getting to know a place, its inhabitants and their lifestyle. The method of food preparation is something that determines the identity and culture of the native population, and it is exactly the way to get to know a place by visitors.

The gastronomy of Stara planina is characterized primarily by the use of a small number of simple ingredients, and the result is a delicious dish that awakens all the senses. The simplicity of food preparation and the ingredients used for it clearly show a frugal way of life in the Stara planina region in ancient times, when people lived in poverty and indigence. However, local people were very creative and inspired by creating delicious meals, they created a number of simple yet tasteful recipes.

Today we present to you Belmuž, an unusual dish made from sheep’s or cow’s fresh cheese and corn flour. Served with yogurt or sour milk. Easy preparation, delicious breakfast 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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