Culinary skills on Stara planina

In the interest of bringing the culture of the inhabitants of Stara planina closer to anyone who wants to visit or already have visited this area, we have collected some of the representative recipes for the preparation of authentic dishes of this region.

In order to preserve the tradition and dishes that have been prepared in the area of Stara Planina since ancient times, we have prepared them according to old recipes that come from the villages and hamlets of the Stara planina region.

Today we are presenting you Peglana kobasica, or as it is called Bohemian Horseshoe, a Pirot specialty that has become a symbol of this city. The preparation of this dish is demanding, but the taste is unique, so it is worth the time and effort.

Peglana kobasica should be served as an appetizer, with prunes and cheese 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

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