About The Project

Project „Taste of Stara planina“ has an objective to strengthen local gastronomy as an integral part of the sustainable tourism offer in border communities through joint actions.

The countries participating in the project are Serbia and Bulgaria. A common tradition and rich cultural heritage is the basis for cross-border cooperation, which is realized through the implementation of joint activities and the promotion of tradition through cross-border events. Traditional food, as a product of the environment, natural resources, culture and lifestyle, plays an important role in the tradition of each nation, which will be promoted through joint activities within the project.

The specific objectives of the project are to raise awareness of local gastronomy as a factor in the sustainable use of cross-border cultural heritage and to promote a common tradition through cross-border events.

The implementation of the project begins with the awareness raising events among the general public and experts about the values and potential of the local gastronomy of Stara planina. Project activities include the implementation of a campaign on social networks Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, which consists of two parts. First, nominations for the traditional recipes are organized, and they last for 15 days, and then a vote is taken to select the 50 most representative recipes from both countries participating in the project (25 recipes from Serbia and 25 from Bulgaria). After voting is completed and recipes are selected, 20 voting participants receive a prize. The selected recipes represent the specifics of the local cuisine of these cross-border regions and serve as a basis for further implementation of the project. These 50 recipes are posted on social media, which will later be interpreted through video and printed cookbooks.

Project activities are:

  • Project workshops

They are held in 4 districts: Vidin, Montana, Pirot and Zajecar. The project begins with this  workshops and they serve to inform the general public and experts about the values and potential of local gastronomy in Stara planina. Each workshop has about 30 participants.

  • Campaign on social networks

The name of the campaign is “Local gastronomy of Stara planina”. The campaign was conducted on the social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Nomination of recipes is organized and it lasts for 15 days, followed by voting for the best 25 + 25 recipes including prize games (25 recipes from Serbia and 25 from Bulgaria). This is followed by the publication of videos showing preparation of the selected recipes.

  • Development of the recipe book “Gastronomy od Stara planina”

The recipe book contains a selection of 50 recipes that are described and systematized appropriately. The method of preparation is described and the time required for the preparation of the meal is indicated, as well as how to serve the meal.

  • Creating a video guide for preparing 50 selected meals

The video guide contains high-definition videos and a step-by-step instructions for preparation of the meals. This videos contain English and Bulgarian subtitles.

  • Development of a Study on Gastronomy as a driving force for innovative tourism

This study will introduce and increase knowledge on gastronomy and its potential use. It will contain examples of successful use of local gastronomy as a factor in the development of regional tourism, as well as recommendations for the development of sustainable tourism through strengthening local gastronomy.

  • Cooking show „Taste of Stara planina“

One cooking show will be organized in Serbia and one in Bulgaria. Through it, 50 recipes are presented with the possibility of tasting and the results of the project are visible.



The cookbook of chosen recipes from Stara Planina
Take a look on a 50 recipes for the preparation of traditional dishes, carefully selected from a cuisine of Stara Planina

Video cookbook

Take a look on our step-by-step video guides for preparation of traditional dishes from Stara Planina

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